Work in progress - Super Hero

I'm making a new character on zbrush. I need to learn about dynamesh in zbrush.
I'm watching this tutorial to help me:

I am also being helped by a great friend and artist named Leonardo Augusto.
Here the link to his portfolio:

My ideia is to make a game character. I would like to use it in an Augmented Really.
This is the sketch:

This was chosen in final color composition:

My friend suggested this:

And this is the work in progress:

Comment is welcome.

Snowman final

I finally finished this character. I did a walk cycle to test the rigging:

I also did some rendering to see the texture resolution :

 Here some print in the viewport:

I put this character to sell on the Turbosquit for help me to pay for my study (I hope ^ ^).


This is my new animation. I'm trying to make a  Snowman walk cycle. This character was created by me. I used 3dmax and vray to shader.
I did the animation to practice animation and test the rigging perfomance.

Animation exercicie - Body mechanism

This month I trained a litte animation. I did an exercise about body mechanics.
I used this gif as a reference:

I converted this gif into mp4 to used in Quick Time.
I got the character in Animation Mentor school totaly free, but it´s necessary to make a register.
I also used too a great website to helped me with commentary.
I love this site and I encourage all animator to use it.
Here my block and polish with some comment:

It my process work:



My final:

I hope you like it.

Updrade site/ Atualização do site

Hi everyone. I upgraded my personal site. New interface and some new works I've done. I hope you like it. Comments are welcome.

Olá a todos. Eu atualizei meu site pessoal. Nova interface e alguns trabalhos novos que realizei. Espero qeu gostem. Comentários serão bem vindo.

Postcard Merry Christmas

I made this illustration by performing all the step.
I used 3ds max, vray and photoshop
I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a New Year with many achievements.

The message say:
I wish this Christmas and the New Year will  bring a lot joy, peace and happilin to you and your family.
Happy Holidays.

Eu fiz esta ilustração realizando todas as etapas
Eu utilizei o 3dsmax, vray e photoshop
Eu desejo a todos um feliz natal e um novo ano com muitas conquistas.

First participation in the 11 seconds club / Primeira participação no 11 seconds club

This is my first participation in the 11 seconds club.
I got position 142 of 266.
By doing this animation I feel that I need a lot improvement in animation.
I'm going to study hard in the coming weeks.

Esta é a minha primeira participação no clube de 11 segundos.
Eu consegui a posição 142 de 266.
Ao fazer esta animação, sinto que preciso de muita melhoria na animação.
Vou estudar muito nas próximas semanas.